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Red Passion $39.95$34.95

Red Passion

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Since time immemorial, roses have been the symbol of love and beauty. Legend has it that the first red roses sprang from drops of the blood of goddess Aphrodite. Little surprise then that nothing says I love you better that a beautiful bouquet of passionate red roses.


100% Freshness Guarentee

While we offer cheap flowers, this means quality at a great value. has an unbridled passion for farm fresh flower delivery and offering flowers at very competitive prices. From the time our flowers and plants are freshly plucked from the soil to the time they arrive at your doorstep, office, hospital room or elsewhere in Syria, our experts take great strides to ensure that you receive only the freshest, most beautiful flowers possible, whether they're get well flowers, thank you flowers, birthday flowers, or bouquets for all occasions.

The 100% Fresh Quality Guarantee pertains to the general quality and freshness of the flower shipment as a whole. guarantees that flowers will be delivered fresh-cut, and ready for preparation and hydration in fresh water. All flowers require hydration after shipping, and we request that all customers immediately and carefully prep the flowers, and let them hydrate for 2 hours.

Flowers Delivery across Syria, with over 32 partners and florist in all cities and regions in Syria, from Damascus, Alleppo, Homs to Deir El Zor, we have a florist shop that is ready to deliver your flowers right to the front door of your beloved in Syria.

Flower bouquets and other products offered on this website are subject to availability, as seasonal and supply changes may occasionally affect floral designs and other items on sale. Our bouquets and arrangements are hand made, so no two will ever be identical. In the rare event that the products you order be unavailable, we will provide a suitable alternative matched in colour and variety, of similar or greater value, without prior notice. Product photos are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary slightly from the product images on our website. Product photos should not be used to make determinations on physical aspects of the product such as, but not limited to, actual colour, size, or weight. Unless stated, vases and containers are not included.

You can add as many chocolates or gift items to your order and pay NO extra delivery charge.
Also sending some Cash Money for paying Bills to your beloved in Syria is now available 


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Unfortunate incidents in Syria since 2012...

PLEASE NOTE that due to the new harsh situation in Syria and we can no longer provide the safety for our workers delivering the flowers to your beloved ones. We have put our lives many times at risk just to bring the smile and your warm regards to your family and beloved ones in Homs, Daraa,  Edleb, Hama and some part of Outside Damascus area. We hope peace goes back to our beloved country and we can resume and go back to the life we once had...

You can contact us at anytime if you have any inquiry.  Warm regards from Team (serving you since 2002)

Our condolences goes to Mohamad J. family who died in February trying to deliver flowers in Aleppo, may his soul rest in peace, and may God bless his family 

We kindly ask you to support us with your donation and help make even a small contribution that will mean a lot.


Your donation / Help can make a difference




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